More on the monkey

An excellent editorial in Nature this morning on that over-hyped monkey fossil.

A hyped-up fossil find highlights the potential dangers of publicity machines. Nature 459, 484 (28 May 2009) | doi:10.1038/459484a;


2 Responses to More on the monkey

  1. Radler says:

    I wonder how much of the ‘media frenzy’ is actually the researchers fault. Remembering 6 o’clock news from a couple of weeks back you could almost see the disappointment in the news reader’s face when stating that the WHO has not declared swine flu a pandemic… yet.

    But I guess the scientists could have done a better job of putting the monkey fossil into a correct context. A problem of being over excited by the results of your research?

    • hilaryml says:

      Well apparently the authors were more circumspect about it in their press conference, but you have to wonder about the fact that the TV doco and book were done BEFORE the paper was published?

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