Be a friend of Darwin on Facebook

Not that I want to be endorsing Facebook, but this message came through on evoldir this week and I thought it was worth sharing…

I’m writing with a special request regarding a campaign that a ragtag group of volunteers on Facebook has created – along with support from E.O. Wilson, Sean Carroll and media partners like National Geographic. The campaign is Darwin150 and our goal is to gather millions online to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species.”

While acknowledging that you don’t know us, we would like to ask for your help.

1. Help us get to 1 million members on Facebook
We already have over 250,000 members on our Darwin Facebook group, and want to get to 1 million members by November 24th to show the breadth and depth of support for evolutionary theory and the significance of Darwin’s great book.

Even if you don’t use Facebook yourself, please pass this e-mail to your students, postdocs, fellow faculty and others and ask them to join our group on Facebook.

The link to join our Facebook group is here:

So go on, be a friend of Darwin!  And for more details about the Darwin150 campaign, see here.


2 Responses to Be a friend of Darwin on Facebook

  1. SYP says:

    Just wanted to say thanks so much for your post and for linking to us! We really appreciate it. If you want to find out about our free upcoming lectures with E.O. Wilson, Sean Carroll, Everett Mendelsohn, and Jonathan Weiner, please visit our website at

  2. Phil Terry says:

    I also wanted to add my thanks. And share that Science Magazine also just covered our quixotic quest.

    Here’s a link:


    Founder, Darwin150
    On our way to 1 million, help us get there

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