Science podcasts

For those of you who prefer to get your science in aural form, I thought I’d share a couple of excellent sites for podcasts.  Both of these sites succeed in making science entertaining for the public, covering both breaking science stories and discussing the science of everyday phenomena. 

The Naked Scientists are a group of researchers from Cambridge University who produce a regular science show for the BBC.  Each episode is around 30 mins long and covers a handful of different science stories at a snappy pace, often with the help of an expert guest.  You can download the podcasts of their show from their website, which also has some cool articles, ideas for experiments you can do in your kitchen, and a forum where you can ask your favourite random science question.

Radiolab is a US-based science show, broadcast on public service radio stations across the US.  Each hour-long show covers a particular aspect of science and/or philosophy, and uses music, sound effects and a healthy dose of humour to get the point across.   Podcasts of the shows are available from the website.  For those of you with short attention spans, there are also short podcasts (15-20 mins long) on the website.


One Response to Science podcasts

  1. Miraz Jordan says:

    I’m not a scientist, but enjoy reading and learning about scientific matters.

    My favourite podcast is Quirks and Quarks from Canada:

    The podcast is available as a single hour-long show or broken down into its constituent segments. Host Bob McDonald does a superb job of interviewing scientists about their work.

    This is the one podcast where I listen to every single show.

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