Foot odour, anyone?

If you’re passing by Karangahape Road in Auckland over the next 3 weeks check out the Crossing Wires Lab, a science meets art installation.  Plant and Food olfactory scientist Richard Newcomb and sensory artist Raewyn Turner have joined forces to produce this exhibition-come-science lab where the general public have the opportunity to participate in an active science experiment.

During the exhibition Newcomb and his team will be extracting odours from worn socks, supplied by a scientists, artists and joggers, and then offering the public the opportunity to categorise these odours (presumably in an artistic way, rather than an ew-foot-odour kind of way).  The installation features a science laboratory set up in the shop-front window where the odour extraction will take place, as well as performance exhibition art with interactive video imaging and audio. 

This exhibition/experiment runs from Nov 2nd to 20th and is funded by the Smash Palace funding initiative set up by Creative New Zealand and MoRST to encourage collaborations between scientists and artists.  Check out their blog for regular updates, video and audio clips.


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