Molecular ecologists meet in the Catlins

December 3, 2009
Last weekend I attended the 12th Annual NZ Molecular Ecology meeting, held in the Catlins, in the deep south of New Zealand.  NZ’s molecular ecologists have a traditional of holding their annual meeting in beautiful, out-of-the-way places, and this year was no exception with the Tautuku Outdoor Education Centre in the heart of the Catlins being our base.  This year’s meeting brought together 50 researchers from Crown Research Institutes, DoC, and universities across New Zealand (plus a few from across the ditch).  

Tautuku Bay and the coastal rainforest surrounding it provided a stunning backdrop to the meeting, and provided plenty of opportunity for wildlife spotting – the highlight (for me anyway) being a leopard seal which made itself at home on the beach on Saturday. 

Leopard seal taking a break at Tautuku Bay

But enough about the scenery, what of the science, I hear you ask? 

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